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Nov 12, 2012 11:00pm PST
him. >> it's one of the most exclusive cities yet there are two sides. a dramatic ip crease in violence has concerned and fearful neighbors speaking out. george joins us tonight. >> whether it's young adults making bad decisions. tonight police are trying to crack down on this crime wave in the community part of the city. >> waking up to gunfire and police worries long time residents of this neighborhood. >> reporter: just a few doors down, rapid fire shots came from one home. bullets flew but no one was injured. >> i was scared and nervous and praying. >> this woman has lived in the bell haven neiborhood her entire life. >> my main concern is my family and all of the youngsters that are killing and shooting each other. hopefully that -- maybe this can all come to an end one day. >> police search one home and found numerous shell casing, two assault rifles and ten ounces of pot. officers say they arrested four people who may be gang members. motives remain unclear. >> it is definitely concerning. >> four people were shot in a drive by shooting. all this violence a mile away.
Nov 13, 2012 11:00pm PST
-tips or send us an e-mail to >>> lights out at city hall. certainly an odd side. the dome at city hall dark tonight. this is the reason, a fire there. fire crews arrived at the rotunda around 9:30 tonight after some reports of an explosion in a high voltage area. the department says it's unclear what happened. there was an event happening at the time. there were some evacuations. from what we hear so far, no one was hurt. when we have new information on this we'll bring it to you immediately. >>> an apology and pledge to do better. in the midst of a sexual abuse scandal and three lawsuits. the school board voted to revise its child abuse and prevention policy. the vote came after an emotional apology to the victims in the case. nbc bay area's jean ellie is live with more. i hear it was a gust wrenching meeting? >> members of the school board have been quiet about this scandal until now. and tonight members apologized for the abuse and for its reaction to one of the lawsuits. they also adopted changes they hope will better protect students. >> i can't tell you how
Nov 8, 2012 11:00pm PST
in the back seat of the car. >> reporter: the two men then drove the victim around the city for several hours, looking for atms to withdraw money. >> we know they went to a number of different locations, where the suspects did get some money from some of her banking accounts. >> reporter: after about four hours police say they drove the victim to the oakland hills near hiller highland and tunnel road. they left the victim and the car there. she was able to free herself. she went to a nearby home to call 911. >> when the suspects left, there was an older possibly brown-colored pickup truck, a smaller pickup truck, an older model, that had a very loud, noticeably loud muffler on it. >> reporter: that may have been the getaway car. the victim was taken to john muir hospital, where she was treated for minor injuries. the carjacking and kidnapping has stunned walnut creek, a city known more for its quiet suburbs than crime. >> these days no matter where you are. i mean, it's happened out at concord at the mall. it's scary to think about it, but it could happen anywhere. >> reporter: police say tha
Nov 14, 2012 11:00pm PST
and joins us live. >> reporter: while redwood city police look for the burglars, the puppy's owners and their neighbors are canvassing the neighborhood looking for little gus and putting up these fliers. they're asking the thieves to return gus. no questions asked. >> we just want our puppy back. >> reporter: he is only 11 weeks old and weighs about 12 pounds. his name is gus. on monday, thieves stole this german short hair pointer mix during a break-in. >> i was sobbing. i was hysterical. i didn't trust myself to think straight. >> reporter: she came home from work. >> they walked in and went through this door. >> reporter: their other two dogs were still around but little gus is gone. >> the loss is our loss. gus is a special little guy and it men a lot to our family so we're hoping that he'll be able to come back. >> reporter: gus was meant to be a companion to the couple's 20-year-old daughter kate shelf has special needs and the two already created a strong bond. >> they didn't know our situation. they don't know about gus being close to or bonding with a special needs daughter
Nov 7, 2012 11:00pm PST
stark is out. in his place, a 31-year-old newcomer.ç the double city councilman will be the second biggest number in congress. he notes political gridlock.ç he says his youth and optimism could help. >> the 113th congress will be the youngest, most inexperienced congress in the history of congress. and i see that notç as a liability, but as an opportunity. >> as for congressman stark who was first elected in 1972, he issued a statement today saying he would be happy to give him guidance in the future.ç we have plenty more election coverage on our web siet at nç >> it says it will now use chrome alloy to replace all of the damaged pipes. chevron says the new pipes will fix the main problem that led to the fire which was pipe corrosion. it hopes to get all repairs done early next year and have that refinery working back at a hundred percent within the first three months of the year.ç a rush hour tragedy avoided tonight. a woman accidentally drove her car on to the tracks at maple it happened around 6:00 tonight. our nbc chopper on the scene. she and a child
Nov 9, 2012 11:00pm PST
about $500, the redwood city police are investigating. but nobody has been investigated. >>> and train bandits jumping off trains, very real, for consumers who buy big ticket items like laptop. more on what we call the great train robbery, steven, where is this happening? >> raj, all over the place, we have been examining cargo thefts from the rails. billions worth of merchandise, stolen every year right off moving freight trains, happening all over the country. and some of the hottest spots are right here in california. 30 minutes from the nearest town, in the sierra foothills that lead to nothing but desert, there lurks a threat to the wallets of every american consumer. this is where, as this ice undercover video shows thieves jump on to moving freight trains, riding the rails and all the while stealing the high value cargo right off the train, with the engineers completely in the dark. >> happens every day. >> reporter: in a remote place like this one, when the sun goes down, the risk from cargo theft from passing freight trains goes up. >> gone, like that, tens of millions, gone l
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6